Optimize the Momentum

Revantage Europe is supported by a leading alternative investment firm yet still maintains our start-up spirit and nimbleness. We focus on tangible results and our people have a hands-on role in delivering those results across disciplines. Our identity and spirit are supported by our culture, which is driven by passion for igniting change and strong service orientation.

The London office is home to talent from across the world. Together with our Luxembourg and Amsterdam offices, we make up 40 different nationalities and celebrate our focus on diversity and inclusion. We are deeply people-oriented and invest in creating positive work environments. Our low employee turnover rate is proof that our extra-care approach is working.

Revantage Real Estate

Guy Rudd

Managing Director and Head of Real Estate
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Ed Hodgson

Managing Director, Revantage Real Estate
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Adam Penney

Chief Financial Officer, Revantage Real Estate
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Mark Bird

Managing Director & Head of Development, Revantage Real Estate
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Jack Stacy

Senior Vice President, Revantage Real Estate
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Michael Smith

Principal Counsel, Revantage Real Estate
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Revantage Global Services

Jeremy Liebster

General Counsel & Managing Director, Head of Revantage UK
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Jonathan Palmer

Chief Operating Officer, Revantage UK

Stephen McDermott

Senior Vice President, Finance & Business Transformation, Revantage UK
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Ieuan Williams

Chief Technology Officer, Revantage UK
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Keenan Vyas

Senior Vice President, Valuations & Reporting, Revantage UK
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Brennan Shaffner

Senior Vice President, Risk & Insurance, Revantage UK
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Will Spratt

Senior Vice President, Head of Portfolio Company Communications, Revantage UK
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Corin Wates

Vice President, ESG, Revantage UK
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Alasdair Campbell

Associate Vice President, Procurement, Revantage UK
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