Robyn Alexander

VP, Deputy General Counsel

Robyn Alexander is Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at Revantage, a senior in-house lawyer and strategic leader. She is diversely experienced in advising senior business leaders on a full range of legal issues, managing legal staff and operations, and is a crucial member of Revantage’s internal leadership team as it continues to grow in its current global expansion. 

Robyn partners closely with Revantage’s Chief Legal Officer to anticipate, identify and manage compliance matters, legal exposure and risk management, and provide legal support and advice across all departments. Her expertise includes translating and strategically applying her legal expertise for business advantage that drives business results.  

Robyn demonstrates daily her abilities to thrive under pressure and develop innovative, practical solutions in Revantage’s fast-paced, high volume, rapidly changing environment. She has the determination to remain constant to a goal in the face of obstacles, overcoming them with creativity, optimism and a “whatever it takes” attitude.