Our Team

Matt DeMonte

Global Head and Chief Executive Officer

Matt is the Global Head and Chief Executive Officer of Revantage.  He joined Blackstone’s real estate portfolio companies to manage and lead Revantage, following a track-record of successful global executive leadership positions. Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for his ability to run large-scale businesses, transform companies and culture, develop and assemble high performing talent and drive innovation through technology.

Matt has instilled within Revantage the principle to which he credits his own success: the relentless pursuit of better. By constantly striving to optimize his performance and empowering his teams to do the same, he has helped companies overcome challenges and push beyond what others assumed was possible. He believes that organizational excellence occurs once you’ve established and executed results-driven strategies and creates a culture that aligns every teammate with the same values and mission.

He has spent his career developing teams that outperform financial and other performance objectives. He has a track record for leading transformative change and establishing cultures of continuous improvement. He is an authentic leader who invests heavily in recruiting, developing and retaining high performing and diverse teams.

Matt is currently leading a significant hiring effort in the global expansion of Revantage, as well as a strategic shift to better equip Blackstone’s real estate portfolio companies with talent, processes and technology. He is taking this opportunity to create a new model for shared services in a way that has never been done before, with a heavy focus on providing value creation through data and analytics and scalability through emerging technologies.