Piero Bussani

Chief Legal Officer

Piero Bussani is the Chief Legal Officer of Revantage Corporate Services. Serving as a member of the executive leadership team, an advisor to the board of directors, and as chief counsel for the business, Piero leads the Legal and Risk functions for Revantage, including oversight of the portfolio companies’ transactions and leasing programs, development, governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, claims oversight, and legal optimization. Revantage is Piero’s fourth Blackstone portfolio company for which he has held an executive leadership position.  

Piero draws on nearly 30 years of experience guiding corporations through a wide range of issues where law and business intersect, including regulatory and compliance, corporate governance, transactions, data privacy and security, customer and business partner engagement, and human resources. Piero has spent his entire legal career in the real estate industry. As an expert and thought leader, he is currently serving his 9th year on the Board of Trustees for Cubesmart, one of the top three owners and operators of self-storage properties in the U.S.  

With extensive experience as Chief Legal Officer for several multi-billion dollar organizations and two fast growing start-ups, navigating complex legal and business matters and projects, Piero serves as trusted advisor to the CEO and other senior corporate officers on setting the strategic direction for Revantage’s ongoing evolution. Piero’s understanding of the entire organization, and ability to thoughtfully navigate complicated issues, makes him an integral member of the executive leadership team.  

Piero is on the forefront of Revantage’s transformation and global expansion, an exciting journey to becoming a global business services powerhouse. He will continue to support the growth story and long-term success of Revantage by applying his strong business acumen, outstanding judgment and legal expertise as an advantage to positively impact business results.