Michael Beringer

VP, Accounting

Mike Beringer is the Vice President, Accounting at Revantage Corporate Services. In his role, he is responsible for  the management of financial reporting and corporate accounting functions for the Blackstone Real Estate Companies aligned with  Revantage . He  oversees the completion of quarterly and annual financial statements and the integrity of all underlying accounting operations. As part of the leadership team, Mike works closely with other executives and team leaders to support the development of new growth opportunities, find solutions to complex business challenges and help plan the strategic vision for the future. Revantage is Mike’s second Blackstone portfolio company for which he has held an executive leadership position.  

With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, Mike has developed a technical expertise and an in-depth working knowledge of all financial and accounting functions- including financial analysis and modeling, accounting, internal controls, cash management, risk management, budgeting and bank relationships, among others. These critical skills allow Mike to play a major role in Revantage’s strategic and financial decision making, as well as provide financial support to all of its business units.  

Mike is a natural leader with a strong competitive spirit and a will to win without relying on politics or ego. He has a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves approach while also being able to operate effectively and comfortably as part of our executive leadership team. With a core desire to achieve, Mike loves the challenge and brings to Revantage a passion and discipline to help the company continue to outperform expectations.