Marikay Klank

SVP, Tax

Marikay currently serves as Senior Vice President,  Tax at  Revantage Corporate Services. An experienced tax professional with over 30 years working in real estate investments,  Marikay oversees all tax, compliance, structuring, and related research efforts for aligned Blackstone portfolio companies.  She provides strategic tax advice, makes tax decisions, holds responsibility for tax operations and partners with all aspects of the business. With proven expertise in  federal, state, and international tax laws, she  counsels and apprises leadership of tax issues, planning and structuring opportunities, and transactions. 

Marikay’s experience spans public-to-private and private-to-public mergers as well as partnerships and exchanges. Her negotiation skills have repeatedly resulted in substantial savings and reductions in fees and exposure.  Her teams provide in-house review and filing services, drive overall efficiencies, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and ensure compliance.

Driven by her desire  to  optimize outcomes, Marikay is relentless in her pursuit of improvement and impact. Her analytical and disciplined approach make her an integral part of the leadership team as well as  Revantage’s ongoing smart and strategic growth.  She is a team player and builder, developing and coaching her team members to bring their A-Game every day, stay challenged, and perform at their best.