Kristin McGrath

SVP, Valuations

As Senior Vice President, Valuations and Portfolio Management at Revantage Corporate Services, Kristin is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that support the company’s global growth and continue the momentum that establishes Revantage as a global industry leader.  

In this role, Kristin works closely with Blackstone and its portfolio companies to provide support for the development of asset valuations and portfolio analytics. She leads the Valuations and Portfolio Management support team comprised of high-performing individuals augmenting the effort of various Blackstone groups.  Challenged to execute valuation models, analyze cash flows and property metrics, prepare presentations and reports and to support the underlying valuation process, her team is raising the bar for delivering exceptional service and support.

Kristin brings with her 12 years of experience providing valuation and advisory services to real estate investment trusts, private equity and hedge funds, and corporate and institutional owners/operators of real estate. With a keen focus on quality and attention to detail, she has worked across numerous asset classes, including office, hospitality, industrial, multi-family, retail, senior housing, medical office and several other asset types.  

Kristin empowers individual thought and analysis but always stresses the importance of collaboration necessary for individual and team growth.  In the face of complex challenges, she empowers the team to reappraise situations with confidence, optimism and creativity while keeping Revantage’s deep commitment to integrity at the forefront of its growth and rapidly changing environment.