Beata Kashani

Director, People and Culture

Beata Kashani is Director, People and Culture at Revantage Corporate Services. As a senior leader in the Human Resource group, Beata is tasked with the sourcing, placement and continuous development of Revantage’s most valued asset, its intellectual capital. Beata is also responsible for the creation and implementation of internal Revantage policies and procedures that are integral to the integrity of the organization.

Beata has a long and tenured track record in Human Resources, holding senior level positions for global conglomerates like Morton Salt, Kraft Foods, Mondelez and UBS. While diligently serving those Fortune 500 companies, Beata consistently demonstrated expert thought leadership in critical areas like organizational design, operations, reward strategy, and talent and performance management. Beata’s 19 years of experience supporting upwards of 100,000 employees across 86 countries, provides her with a unique perspective on assimilating human talent and motivating that force to achieve greatness. 

Beata is a champion of Revantage’s culture, partnering with leadership to help build amazing teams through strategic consultation, process improving and data-based decision making.  She coaches her colleagues on how to lead their teams, cultivate talent, navigate and resolve employee relations issues, and manage programs that help develop employees, focused on putting them first, and being as transparent as possible.