Our Team

Haley Hamilton

Chief Information Officer

Haley is an accomplished and strategic Chief Information Officer at Revantage, known for her business acumen and expertise across multiple areas of the company. With a strong background in data and a proactive approach to technology, she effectively drives initiatives that enable the achievement of business objectives.

In addition to her role as CIO, Haley holds leadership responsibility for the Global Data Program, a demonstration of her commitment to leveraging data as a strategic asset. By spearheading this initiative for Revantage, on a global scale, she ensures the organization’s ability to harness the power of data-driven insights to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency and improve business outcomes.

Haley’s approach as a business-minded CIO encompasses a holistic understanding of technology’s role in supporting and advancing the company’s strategic goals. Leveraging her expertise in data and a deep understanding of the business landscape, she aligns technology initiatives with organizational objectives, enabling Revantage to drive growth, optimize operations and deliver exceptional value to business partners.

With her extensive experience in leading technology projects, Haley effectively collaborates with our business partners, leveraging technology to drive growth and achieve strategic objectives. She understands the unique requirements of the real estate industry and applies her expertise to deliver tailored solutions that enhance productivity, streamline processes and drive competitive advantage for supported Blackstone Real Estate portfolio companies.