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From our CEO

We are excited to announce a company-wide movement, All In, to ensure that we are bold and intentional in acting on our commitment to our people and our communities.

We champion diversity, equity, and inclusivity not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it’s how we experience our biggest wins. When our culture is equitable and inclusive, it strengthens our community. When we engage with diversity, we bring better ideas to the table.

With all of us All In, we will succeed in our Pursuit of Better for our industry, partnerships, families, and communities.

Matt DeMonte signature

Our Method to a Better Future

All In has three pillars, each of which Revantage will support with energy, talent and resources. We understand that an inclusive culture is a journey and we are committed to enhancing our DEI initiative over time, adjusting to the environment, and needs of our professionals. Our goal is to take our organization from values, to behaviors, to who we are as an exceptional organization.


We know that in order to have the culture we desire, we need to have the right people.  Our commitment is to diversify representation across our company and at all levels.


We believe that change and learning begins with self awareness.  Our commitment is to hold honest conversations, listen to each other and our communities, learn together, and inspire a movement of inclusion in our company and industry.  We also are committed to inspire and reward inclusive behavior, and enhance talent management processes to support an inclusive culture.


We are committed to action – where we embody an environment of belonging and connection. Our leaders, at all levels, are instrumental in driving change and will be accountable for results. We create platforms, both digital and physical, for changemakers to connect, and rise together. And we provide opportunities to give back to our communities.

I'm All In

Get to know our people, our culture, and what drives us.

Together with our partners, we’re committed to an inclusive environment that honors the diversity of our people and clients, building positive lasting impact in their lives and communities where we live and work.  We believe we must do our part to promote a culture of social justice and equity in all our communities.

All In Action

Engagement Programs & Communication

Our programs are designed to engage and support our employees, provide a two-way listening and communication channel, and empower their voices.

  • Diversity Committee
  • Affinity Networks & Grassroot Groups
  • Mentorship Program
  • Monthly Celebration & Recognition
  • Guest Speakers and Panels
  • Community Circles
  • “My Story” Employee Perspectives


Our efforts are to expand our talent sourcing paths and applicant pool, and build a robust pipeline of qualified diverse talent.

  • Diverse job boards, professional organizations, staffing agencies, and universities focused on diverse talent
  • Effective Interview Training
  • Intern and Summer Rotation Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our work doesn’t stop at the door.  We know that in our Pursuit of Better, that means building up the communities in which we live and work.

  • Partnerships with and donations to local nonprofits focused on advancing education for underserved communities
  • Charitable matching policy
  • Paid volunteer time off

Development & Retention

Our journey of growth is to continue learning and growing as individuals and as an organization and providing our people with the resources and environment to succeed.

  • Inclusion Training
  • Career development opportunities
  • Inclusive Talent Management Processes
  • Equitable and Inclusive Policies & Benefits